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From the subtle hint above, you know I'm a screenwriter, that's presumably why you ended up here. I work in various thriller genres -- nothing beats a great character driven, suspense story IMO.

Lots happening in the wake of my spec, CONTAINMENT, going out wide.

I've been busy writing a new action-thriller as well as working on other projects with producers.

I'm also developing an intense, gritty crime-drama for TV, which we'll be pitching in the near future. More on this down the road.


UNREST, is available on DVD from Lions Gate. Making this film was more like "development heaven" than the oft-touted hell.


CALLOUS, an indie I co-wrote sometime ago found financing last year is now out on the festival circuit and doing well. Kudos to Joey Lanai :)


This site is not an attempt to do what Ted & Terry did with their fantastic website, Wordplayer - if you never went to film school check this site out. Neither is this an attempt to duplicate John August's informative site which details his life as an A-list screenwriter. That said, as I move forward in my career I would love to help other screenwriters achieve their own goals and ambitions. For now though, this site is a point of reference for contacts and friends in the industry.



Excited to have the opportunity to work with Gale Anne Hurd and Valhalla on this project.


Director Stephen Kay totally rocked with a great cast.  A screenwriter couldn't ask for a better moviemaking experience.

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